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A College Student and Her Fairytales, Part 15 – The End

Published May 4, 2012 by srsfairytales

Sammi sat back in her chair and sighed. At long last, her journey was coming to an end, and it was up to her to leave one last documentation of her adventures.

She had learned so much over the course of her journey. Learning to discuss and analyze the fairy tales from a multitude of viewpoints (Freudian, Jungian, feminist, etc.) had been the highlight. Besides, of course, the actual reading of the stories themselves. The material hadn’t been terribly difficult, but by no means had it been too easy! She had liked it all immensely, especially when she recognized works she had read in her childhood! Talk about a blast of nostalgia!

The book of her childhood

It was also interesting to note that she had to disagree with her first blog post regarding her favorite fairytale. She hadn’t thought of it then, but Bluebeard had always held fascination for her, and it was only after being reintroduced to it that Sammi had realized that it was her favorite fairytale.

It had also been quite interesting to see fairy tales infused into modern works. From Pan’s Labyrinth, to the fairy tale-spoofing comic strips (though, sadly, it seemed hers had been deleted from her post. Sorry, copyright, no offense meant!), to the Grimm Brothers movie (Sammi was glad they had finally finished it!), to, yes, even Rammstein, it had been great to be able to feel the sense of triumph when Sammi noted the fairy tales in the works. Being a lover of mythology as well, it had been extremely rewarding to note the similarities between myths and fairy tales too!

Sammi was proud of her journey. She felt she had put 100% into getting everything she could out of the class, and who knows, maybe she could even take that knowledge and use it in Ye Old Senior Seminar some day! However, for now, the magical God-Advisor Dr. Mary was beckoning her in another direction, and so our heroine walked off into the sunset and her happily ever after.