A College Student and Her Fairytales, Part 11 – Another King, Another Story

Published April 8, 2012 by srsfairytales

Sammi sat back on her bed and smiled as she thought about the earlier events of the week. The kingdom had been visited by another king, known as King Ochieng. Sammi had met King Ochieng when she had stayed in his kingdom a mere semester ago, and she had been very excited to hear what he had to say. And he had not disappointed.

Sammi had loved his presentation. He told his stories with such ease, such earnestness, and he not only could tell the stories well, but he had the knowledge to back them up! Sammi especially enjoyed the call and response (Paokwa! Pakawa!), and she was really amused when her fellows danced to the songs he sang.

Sammi felt that it was important to be made aware of this story-telling tradition of King Ochieng’s home. After all, did fairytales not stem from the regional folktales of various cultures? She was also happy to see the presence of the wit and trickiness in King Ochieng’s stories, because that same wit asserted itself in her beloved fairytales. It was easier to see where fairytales actually came from with the new knowledge about oral tradition (who knew that stories were told in the dark to emphasize the quality of the voice?).

Or that "rafiki" actually means "friend"!

A job well done on his part, Sammi thought. She was a bit sad that King Esa had mentioned that the highlight of the class was over (sigh), but she had a feeling there was still more to come…\

To be continued…


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