A College Student and Her Fairytales, Part 9 – Back to Work… and Riches?

Published March 28, 2012 by srsfairytales

Sammi jolted upward in her seat. Having only recently returned from the kingdom of Sleepytime, she had been so caught up in the sudden return of her duties that she had neglected to record her journey! She sat down and got right to it.

Sammi’s journey to the kingdom of Sleepytime had introduced her to a variety of versions of the well-known tale of Cinderella, and it was these that Sammi now sat down to ponder. The “rags to riches” motif was not altogether an uncommon one, but the way the Cinderella tales presented it was… a little less than usual.

Sammi knew that the “rags to riches” story did happen occasionally in real life… just look at Oprah! This was an uncommon journey, however, and what made it even more unlikely was the stipulation that came with the Cinderella tales: that Cinderella gained riches from magic and marriage.

Again, our heroine thought, people do sometimes come into wealth from marriage, but to instill into our youth the idea that so long as you are good, beautiful, and filth-covered, you will be rescued by magic and married into money? Didn’t seem like a likely circumstance at all (especially the magic part!).


Maybe it would have been better to encourage a go-getter's attitude, because no amount of scrubbing floors will guarantee you a prince!

There was, Sammi conceded, nothing wrong with encouraging the reader of these fairytales to be a good person, or to marry their true love, or even to look to improve their life conditions, but it was unlikely that it would be marriage and magic that would bring them into these conditions.

Though, she did admit, she still liked the fairytales… after all, in some versions, it was Cinderella’s ingenuity that brought her into her good circumstances! Let’s hear it for the Princess in the Suit of Leather!

Having caught up, Sammi was pleased to note her next foray would take her into one of her favorite stories… Bluebeard!

To be continued…


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