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A College Student and Her Fairytales, Part 1 – The Beginning

Published January 28, 2012 by srsfairytales

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Sammi. Ever since Sammi could remember, she had loved fairytales. She saw the movies. She read the stories. She even indulged in pretend play that revolved around the fairytale world she so desperately loved.

One day, when Sammi had grown to the tender age of 19, she sat reflecting in the DMC Palace.

“Oh,” she thought, “how college does make one reminisce. I am so far from my childhood years, and yet, how some things haven’t changed.” For Sammi was still a lover of the fairytale stories of her childhood. She remembered the way Disney’s Beauty and the Beast had stirred her so, and was contented to know that the story remained her constant favorite. After all, what was there not to love about a smart and charming brunette girl who lived in a world of magic and saved her enchanted companion by confessing her love for him? (Sammi was a big lover of all things romantic.) Sammi used to want to be Belle. Now, it was more the nostalgia and the magic of the story that kept her enthralled.

As she sat recollecting, a magical thing happened on the college campus. The Fairy God-Advisor, Dr. Mary, appeared to Sammi. “Sammi,” said Dr. Mary, “here is the class for you. This magical course will not only open the door to the exploration of the fairytales and oral and written tradition that you love, but it will also fill both SIS and honors requirements!”

Of course, knowing how these things went, Sammi asked what the catch was.

“Well,” the Fairy God-Advisor said, “you’ll have to watch Rammstein again.”

Sammi decided it was a catch she could deal with, for she was anxious to look at the various versions and hidden meanings within the classic tales. And so, she enrolled in the class, waiting anxiously to see what would come next…

To be continued…